Short-term rental service

Short Rental Service

We provide the following services for restaurants and companies. Please feel free to contact us.

Short-term coffee machine rental service

Propose the best plan according to your budget

Beverages are always needed for events, parties, conferences, exhibitions, conferences, bazaars, etc. at various places such as event venues and showrooms.
We have a wide range of beverage products, including carefully selected coffee, so we can provide you with the best service.
Please feel free to contact us for the best plan according to your budget.

Convenient and affordable coffee machine rental

This set includes a coffee machine and a thermal pot, perfect for one-day events and school festivals.
You can choose the rental period according to the number of days of your event.

We will make a proposal based on your budget, including the content of the equipment to be rented and the period of time.
Please feel free to contact us. Please feel free to contact us.


First-class roaster & barista catering service

First-class roaster & barista catering service


The top baristas in Japan will provide authentic specialty coffee at events, exhibitions, showrooms, and other events.

  • Offer hand-drip specialty coffee.
  • Offer latte art classes and other services popular among women.
  • Propose catering services according to your budget



REC COFFEE is a specialty coffee shop that specializes in roasting its own coffee and has stores mainly in Fukuoka and Hakata.
The company was founded in 2008 as a mobile coffee truck. The company has expanded its business with the hope of bringing the moving experience of coffee to more people, and currently has six stores in Fukuoka and one in Tokyo.
On May 1, 2021, we are opening our first overseas store, REC COFFEE Taiwan Taichung Flagship Store.
The representative of the company, Yoshikazu Iwase, has won the Japan Barista Championship (JBC), a competition for the best baristas in Japan, for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, and was the runner-up at the World Barista Championship (WBC), a global competition in 2016. As a place to record the emotional experience of coffee, and as a place for recreation, we will deliver the best cup of coffee to you.

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